The Ultimate Persian DJs Ranking

Top 10 Best Persian DJs - June 2024

Persian DJs have gained massive popularity all over the world in recent years. DJs have become an essential part of most Iranian cultural celebrations, taking the genre to a much higher level. DJs are the life of any Persian wedding or party. Here is the Top 10 list of Persian DJs you need to know in 2024:


Based in Tehran, Iran

1- Dynatonic

Born in Tehran, Iran, Dynatonic is a House & Techno producer, audio engineer, guitarist & DJ. He studied music at Tehran Music Conservatory. Now he continues his role as a DJ and producer as well as producing his DJ show called “Dynatomix” on the Iranian music platform “RadioJavan”. He release his international music on Prison Entertainment, Poolside Recordings, Ready Mix Records, Wanderlust Music & PalmTherapySounds. He is a former member of the duo band and Persian electronic music festival called “Kishiza”.


Based in Dubai, UAE

2- DJ Fere

Farhad Jafari, professionally known by his stage name “DJ Fere” was born on June 6, 1989 in Tehran, Iran. He is a Dubai-based Iranian music producer and DJ and he is known for his Weekend Live (2016) and MorabiMan (2017) podcasts. He is most famous among athletes for his intense and inspirational beats.

Based in California, USA

3- DJ Pooya

DJ Pooya’s years of experience, extensive live performances, large music knowledge, and art of smooth blending have turned him into one of the most sought-after Persian DJs in Southern California and throughout the US.

Pooya’s DJ style is eclectic, energetic and he’s passionate about bringing his skills to clients looking for a fresh, fun take on a Persian DJ.

Based in Ontario, Canada

4- DJ PS

Located in Ontario, Canada DJ PS is an experienced and talented DJ that specializes in creating the perfect music atmosphere for weddings and special events wherever he is needed.

Having worked in the developing nightlife scene in places like Turkey and Dubai, he now resides in the Ontario region providing top DJ services and exceptional drum performances for beautiful weddings.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey

5- DJ Soushi

Amirhossein also known as DJ Soushi has over 12 years of experience as a disk jockey performing all over the world mixing a wide variety of musical genres. He is one of the most sought after DJs in Iranian communities around the world Due to his unique style and ability to deliver smooth mixes.

He has performed in numerous weddings, private parties and top clubs in Melbourne, Cape Town, Suncity, Antalya, Dubai and many private parties in Tehran. He is also a Melobit resident DJ and host of a popular monthly show called “MElODEEP”.

Based in Hamburg, Germany

6- DJ Shahin

DJ Shahin is your professional wedding and event DJ in Hamburg and the surrounding areas. Shahin offers a professional service as a wedding DJ with appropriate lighting and sound technology.

For many years, he has been DJing for his satisfied customers as a Persian DJ. Shahin stands for professional standards in the DJ and event industry and combines the fun of work with his customers’ expectations for a high-quality service.

Based in Sydney, Australia

7- DJ Allen

DJ Allen is a Persian DJ based in Sydney, Australia. This skilled entertainer has been in the industry for over a decade, bringing added fun and energy to countless celebrations. DJ Allen is committed to enhancing parties through a tailored service and clear sound that keeps guests on the dance floor all night long.

Based in Seattle, Washington

8- DJ Behzad

DJ Behzad is an upbeat, energetic professional Persian DJ in Seattle with a natural ability to read a crowd. With over twenty years of experience with weddings and corporate events, 

He takes pride in making your event stand out as one of the most important days of your life. Behzad’s extensive knowledge of multiple music genres will ensure a memorable experience for everyone – no matter the age. When you choose Art for your event, his follow up and follow through will remind you that you have made the best choice.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey

9- DJ Pooria

Musician, producer, DJ, promoter, and electronic music enthusiast alike, DJ Pooria hails out of Tehran, Iran. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music aided by over a decade of DJ lesson and an upbringing in a very musically-influenced home. Having spent many years playing at all of the major local night clubs , holding multiple residencies, Djing special events and promoting his own shows, Pooria has had a lot of time to develop his sound. 

Based in London, England

10- DJ Navid

DJ Navid  is a professional Persian DJ serving all of London. He has done all types of events including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and night clubs. Music has always been his passion ever since he was very young. He enjoys doing quality live mixes on the turntables to all types of genres. He always wants to satisfy his clients and make sure that they are having a good time with quality services. With over 15 years of experience as a musician, his signature style of mixes and mashups is what makes him pump up the crowd with a high demand to crave more!